Where to Watch Marvel’s Agent Carter Online Free Stream Premiere Episodes 1 and 2

Last night was the big debut for the two-hour premiere of Marvel’s Agent Carter on ABC. The series reintroduced Hayley Atwell as the SSR operative roughly a year after the presumed death of Steve Rodgers, shown in flashback. It’s worth checking out, and we’ve assembled where you can watch Marvel’s Agent Carter premiere online free streaming while ABC offers it for free.

The driving force behind the Agent Carter character is that she’s an empowered woman living in a world dominated by men, and she’s still trying to find her place in a changed world now that the war is over. Her SSR counterparts and bosses don’t take her seriously and expect her to perform secretarial duties despite her war record fighting alongside Captain America and the Howling Commandos.

When Howard Stark becomes the target of the SSR when his most dangerous inventions start showing up on the black market, Stark call on Carter to help clear his name and assigns his butler, Mr. Jarvis, to both help her out and fulfill a secretive mission that not even Agent Carter knows about. With inside access at the SSR, Agent Carter works behind the backs of her cohorts and manages to stay one step ahead of them.

The Agent Carter premiere wasn’t without new mysterious entities to join the Marvel live-action cannon. The SSR’s adversaries are anything but normal with their vocal chords removed and a piece of equipment that seems to be operating by supernatural means.

Then there’s the question of who is pulling the strings. I won’t spoil this person or persons code name here, but you can find out what it is when you watch Agent Carter streaming online. What you won’t find out is an identity as I’m sure that will be withheld until the last of eight episodes.

Here are places where you can watch Agent Carter online streaming free: ABC (recommended), Hulu Plus (with a free trial).

How to watch Marvel's Agent Carter online

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