Watch Westworld Season 2 Online Live Free Streaming Tonight on HBO TV Without Cable

The second season of HBO’s hit original series Westworld premieres tonight at 9 pm EST / 6 pm PST with the new episode ‘Journey Into Night’. You can watch Westworld live online streaming with or without cable thanks to a variety of viewing options.

The top two options to live stream Westworld both hook into HBO directly and offer a free trial. Amazon Prime members can jump straight into a 7-day free HBO trial to start streaming Westworld Season 2 tonight. No cable is required to take advantage of this free HBO offer. The regular price of $14.99 per month will kick in once the trial is complete, or you can cancel anytime during the trial.

Another option outside of Amazon to watch Westworld online is via the HBO Now streaming service that also offers a free trial. As with Amazon Prime there is no cable, DirecTV or Dish Network needed to watch new episodes of Westworld Season 2 as they premiere.

Here’s a quick recap of where Westworld Season 1 left off before tonight’s Season 2 premiere. Spoilers are ahead so don’t proceed unless you’re all caught up with the first season.

The big twist toward the end of Season 1 revealed that William (Jimmi Simpson) is actually a younger version of Man in Black (Ed Harris), so we got to see the beginnings of this character’s long evolution into the obsessive man he’s become.

Maeve (Thandie Newton) achieved consciousness as Ford (Anthony Hopkins) had been hoping his and Arnold’s creations to achieve for the past 30 years. As she was about to escape the park into the real world via a subway, she turned back in search of the daughter that haunts her dreams. Maeve’s return will somehow involve bulls running amok.

Meanwhile Delores (Evan Rachel Wood), under instruction from Ford, killed Ford and started shooting VIPs at a big launch gala on the Westworld grounds. Ford’s final narrative marked the beginning of the A.I. uprising that will spill into Season 2.

Another tidbit we learned is that Samurai/Shogun World is very real and it will definitely be visited for at least one episode during the second season.

Watch Westworld Season 2 Online

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