Watch The Walking Dead Online Season 5 Episode 504 ‘Slabtown’

AMC’s The Walking Dead brought closure to Terminus and its inhabitants last week and also formally eliminated poor Bob in a peaceful exit. While the focus through three episodes of Season 5 has been on Rick and the Termites, kidnapped Beth takes center stage in tonight’s all new TWD episode 504 titled, ‘Slabtown,’ available to watch on AMC as well as online free streaming. For Beth’s sake hopefully the focus on her won’t mean a swift exit from the show.

As Bob watched Gareth and the Termites gloat over eating his leg last week, he burst out laughing and informed his captors and the audience that he had been bitten on the shoulder by a walker. They were eating tainted meat, though Gareth quickly calmed his crew by telling them cooking the meat would have killed the virus. We’ll never know as none of them lived long enough to turn.

Feeling a sense of desperation, Gareth hatched a plan to split Rick’s group up by dropping Bob off in front of the church. It worked, and the weaker group members were left behind, but Rick sensed the trap and quickly doubled back to the church to surprised Gareth’s group right when they were about to attack Carl, Tyreese and others.

What happened next is the reason the church set was built from the ground up. Where Rick could have been lenient with Gareth, he instead murdered him along with Michonne, Sasha and Abraham doing the same. Glenn, Tryeese and Maggie looked on in horror and disgust.

The episode ended with Glenn, Tara, Maggie an Abraham’s crew hopping in the bus to head to Washington, D.C., while Rick and the rest stayed behind to find Daryl and Carol. The former showed up in the woods that night with someone else, but we were left wondering who that was.

The episode 504 ‘Slabtown’ synopsis teases that tonight’s The Walking Dead episode on TV at a start time of 9/8c on AMC will be all Beth. It reads, “Beth finds herself in a hospital in the middle of Atlanta after being kidnapped by a car with a white cross.”

AMC will provide the ability to watch  The Walking Dead online free streaming, though not live, through their official website for a small window following each new episode premiere. Every The Walking Dead episode in its uncensored form can be online streamed at here for a small price, with high definition HD costing a little more.

Watch The Walking Dead online free streaming Season 5 Episode 504

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