Watch The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 613 Online

Watch The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 613 Online

Murder and gunfire were central themes on AMC’s The Walking Dead last week after Rick Grimes led a hit squad into presumably one of Negan’s compounds to eliminate a threat and earn the food they’d already been promised. A potentially deadly consequence arose from the nearly flawless operation that puts two+ lives in jeopardy. Find out where to watch The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 613 ‘The Same Boat’ online live streaming tonight or on as life-and-death negotiations begin.

The raid on Negan’s compound gave Glenn and Heath their first true taste of murdering another human; first Glenn by knife and then both of them by machine gun fire. By the time the dust had settled both killed multiple Saviors in self defense.

The real gotcha moment came in the closing minutes after a Savior burst out of the secured compound on Daryl’s motorcycle. He was quickly captured, but an ominous message came over his walkie talkie warning Rick’s group that Maggie and Carol had been taken hostage and a two-for-one trade wasn’t fair.

The official synopsis for tonight’s new The Walking Dead episode tells us nothing we don’t already know. Carol and Maggie’s lives are at stake and Negan is still out there, currently oblivious to the fact that Rick has committed murder against his Saviors. The synopsis reads, “In the aftermath of a minor success, members of the group are taken and held hostage.”

The Walking Dead start time tonight is 9/8c for the fourth-to-last episode of Season 6. AMC offers The Walking Dead live free online streaming for select cable and satellite providers here at their official website that you can access on computers, phones, tablets and more in case you need a second screen. offers The Walking Dead episodes from the series pilot right through to tonight’s new episode in either standard or HD viewing options. Tonight’s new episode should appear at Amazon shortly after The Talking Dead after show concludes.

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