Watch The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 611 Online

There was no letdown in last week’s second episode of The Walking Dead since the Season 6 midseason premiere. The action was toned down from the midseason battle against hundreds of walkers, but a lot happened that will shift the dynamic of upcoming episodes. Find out where to watch The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 611 ‘Knots Untie’ online live streaming tonight or on as a newcomer leads Rick and his group to another world outside their own.

Last week offered up a calm after the storm of the midseason premiere that took the lives of Jesse and her two annoying sons. Alexandria settled back into a sense of normalcy as Rick and Daryl went out on a simple supply run.

During their run, Daryl and Rick stumbled into Jesus, a charming man whose intentions are hard to read. Jesus led the pair on a humorous backwoods chase until he was eventually apprehended by Rick and Daryl, but not before running a truck full of food into a lake.

Back at Alexandria, Michonne had an unusual day as well that resulted in Deanna’s son, Spencer, finally putting his mother to rest. This also showed a more mature side of Carl who is up and about with a giant piece of gauze over the hole where his eye once was.

The episode ended in spectacular fashion with Rick and Michonne finally hooking up. Their excursion into the bedroom was rudely interrupted by an escaped Jesus who exclaimed, “I think we got off on the wrong foot.”

The official synopsis for tonight’s new episode of The Walking Dead reads, “Jesus takes Rick and the group to the Hilltop Colony, a peaceful community overshadowed by the power of Negan and The Saviors.”

The Walking Dead start time tonight is 9/8c so it will run concurrently with the Academy Awards. AMC does offer The Walking Dead live free online streaming for select cable and satellite providers here at their official website that you can access on computers, phones, tablets and more in case you need a second screen. offers The Walking Dead episodes from the series pilot right through to tonight’s new episode in either standard or HD viewing options. Starting looking for tonight’s new episode at Amazon after The Talking Dead after show wraps up.

Watch The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 611 online

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