Watch The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 605

Watch The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 605 online

AMC’s The Walking Dead returns to its regular 60-minute run time for tonight’s all-new episode, ‘Now.’ After spending 90 minutes learning how Morgan transitioned from a madman into a pacifist, the story will move forward again in real time as a massive walker herd approaches Alexandria. Find out where to watch The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 605 online live streaming tonight as Alexandria comes back into focus.

Last week Morgan’s staff and his inability to kill the deadly Wolves were explained through an extensive flashback. It turns out Morgan was pulled back from the brink of insanity by a former psychologist who could have easily killed Morgan but instead chose to stick to his mantra, “all lives matter.”

This man, Eastman, would reshape Morgan into a completely new person with a new outlook on life. Morgan no longer sought to kill and “clear” the area around himself of humans and walkers alike. He was now bent on preserving human life no matter how despicable it might be.

Bookending the episode was a chat between Morgan and a Wolf he captured in an Alexandria home. Even though the Wolf told Morgan outright that he would kill him and everyone else there, Morgan chose to leave him alive. Usually that means the decision will come back to haunt Morgan or those around him.

The official synopsis for tonight’s new The Walking Dead episode reads, “As Alexandria recovers from the Wolves’ attack, Maggie and Aaron set out in the search for Glenn. Meanwhile, the intimacy between Rick and Jessie grows, as the herd approaches.”

The Walking Dead has its usual 9/8c start time on AMC cable TV in HD high definition. AMC continues to provide The Walking Dead live free online streaming for select cable and satellite providers here viewable on phones, tablets, computers, and other Internet connected devices. offers The Walking Dead episodes from the pilot through the most recent one here in either standard or HD viewing. You can find tonight’s new episode ‘Now’ on Amazon shortly after it premieres live on AMC.

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