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Tonight’s new episode of The Walking Dead on AMC will be the second in four episodes this season that runs a full 90 minutes in length. The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 604 ‘He’s Not Here’ won’t tell us the fate of Glenn, though it will answer other mysteries introduced in past seasons. Find out where to watch The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 604 online live streaming tonight as this solid season soldiers on.

Two seasons ago an episode of The Walking Dead jumped back in time and told the story of how a man lost and alone befriended a sheltered family and eventually became the sadistic Governor. Tonight’s new episode figures to take the same approach for Lenny James’ Morgan character.

When we last saw Morgan way back in Season Three, he was holed up in a small forgotten town and completely incapable of interacting with Rick, Michonne and Carl. This episode, ‘Clear,’ is a big part of the reason Scott M. Gimple won the showrunner job so it’s only fitting that Gimple continues Morgan’s story.

Sometime between ‘Clear’ and Alexandria, Morgan met a man who pulled him from the brink of sanity and taught him a peaceful, zen-like existence. We’ll meet that man based on the official synopsis for ‘He’s Not Here’ that reads, “Morgan must face his demons on his journey from King County to Alexandria, as the identity of his mysterious friend is revealed.”

The start time for tonight’s The Walking Dead is 9/8c time slot on AMC cable TV in HD high definition. Note that the episode runs 90 minutes long so The Talking Dead will start a half hour later than it normally does. AMC graciously provides The Walking Dead live free online streaming for select cable and satellite providers here that can be viewed on tablets, iPhone and cell phones, computers and other devices. offers The Walking Dead episodes for every season dating back to the beginning right here in either standard or HD viewing. This includes episodes for the current season with the most recently aired episode appearing to watch online within hours of its AMC debut.

Watch The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 604 online

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