Watch The Walking Dead Season 5 Online Episode 503

Watch The Walking Dead Season 5 online free

Bob Stookey is on the menu for Gareth and his goons for tonight’s new episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 5, titled ‘Four Walls and a Roof.’ The title for episode 503 is fitting considering Rick and his gang have found refuge in a simple church with the mysterious Father Gabriel. Little do they know that Gareth and his crew are camped out nearby and poor Bob’s meat will only last so long.

Last week’s episode introduced us to overly waterlogged walkers and a celebration of sorts that, as expected, turned into one of the series most shocking moments when Bob Stookey was clobbered in the head outside the church and dragged away. Who did the deed wasn’t kept in the dark for long as Bob awoke among familiar faces.

Gareth and the surviving Terminus folk had not only kidnapped Bob, but decided he was literally their meal ticket to immediate survival. As Gareth says, a man’s got to eat and Bob apparently tastes a lot better than he looks.

My thought is that Bob was cut by the waterlogged walker in the food drive center basement and went out into the woods to off himself. If that’s the case, then Gareth and his crew are now infected via ingesting Bob’s leg and don’t even realize it. They’ll slowly turn at some point, in which case they would still be an enemy for Rick’s group.

Here’s the official synopsis for The Walking Dead Season 5, episode 503, that debuts at 9/8c on AMC tonight, “As Bob fights for his life, Rick and the group take a stand to defend the church against Gareth and his gang of cannibals.”

AMC continues to offer The Walking Dead online free streaming, though unfortunately not live, via their official website for a limited time after each episode premieres. Uncensored versions of all The Walking Dead episodes can be online streamed at here in standard or high definition, with HD costing a little more than its more compressed companion format.

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