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AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 5 begins its second part tonight following a bloody and deadly Season 5 midseason finale. Rick’s group has lost another member but must soldier forward despite emotions running heavy. Tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 5 midseason premiere episode 9 titled ‘What Happened and What’s Going On’ promises to both reflect on recent events and what’s around the bend when we watch The Walking Dead Season 4 midseason premiere online streaming or in HD on AMC. The official streams for episode 509 are not live or free, but will get the job done. Spoilers for the previous episode are ahead so virgin viewers beware before continuing.

The Season 5 midseason finale slowly built up to an inevitable confrontation between Rick’s group and Dawn’s group of police officers and other folk hold up at the downtown Atlanta, Georgia hospital. The setup pointed toward a violent confrontation, especially after Rick brutally murdered an escaped cop prisoner. That’s not happened at all.

Tyreese helped convince Rick that an all assault with guns blazing wasn’t the best approach. Instead, Rick used the remaining captured cop to trade for Beth, whom had been a prisoner at the hospital since the tail end of Season 3. It set up a tense confrontation in the hospital hallway.

As the transfer seems to go off without a hitch, Dawn makes an additional demand: she wants Noah back for the cop that died. Rick and Daryl do not agree, but Beth is OK with sacrificing herself for Noah to stay free. It was obvious something was going to happen and it sure did.

Beth, in her infinite wisdom, tries to stick Dawn with a sharp object and hits her in the shoulder. Dawn in turn fires her gun through Beth’s face and out through the back of her head. Daryl retaliates by shooting Dawn in the head but no other shots are fired.

As the episode ends, Maggie shows up and sees Daryl carrying Beth’s dead limp body and breaks down crying. The group is hurt, but they must soldier on.

The official description for tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 5 midseason premiere Episode 509 reads, ‘After all the recent trials that the group has faced, a slight detour might be the solution they’ve been looking for.’ We’ll get a better feel for what that means when we watch AMC online streaming The Walking Dead or on TV tonight.

Tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 5 midseason premiere episode 509 ‘What Happened and What’s Going On’ will debut tonight at 9/8c only on AMC in high definition. AMC does offer free online streaming versions of each The Walking Dead episode early the following morning after they premiere on TV at the official AMC website for a limited time. These episodes can be watched on a variety of mobile devices like phones, iPads, tablets, computers and more. It’s the next best thing to watching The Walking Dead online free live streaming, which AMC doesn’t offer at this time.

Another option to legally online stream AMC’s The Walking Dead is to purchase standard or high definition versions of each newly aired episode very early the following morning after they first air from here at online retailer The HD episodes cost $3 each to stream online while the standard definition episodes cost a buck less. This includes all past episodes of The Walking Dead as well.

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