Watch The Walking Dead Online Season 4 Finale

AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 4 finale is mysteriously titled ‘A’ to fit in with the previous handful of episodes that featured one word each. While the previous episode ended with hope, all is not what it seems when we watch The Walking Dead online streaming live on AMC tonight.

In the previous episode ‘Us,’ Glenn and Tara decided to split off from Abraham’s trio when the group came to a railroad tunnel with the sound of groaning walkers inside. Glenn could not be deterred from searching for Maggie so he and Tara went into the tunnel while Abraham and the others went around.

Meanwhile Daryl discovers that one of the Mauraders has it out for him and the two get into a disagreement over who gets to keep a squirrel that they shot almost simultaneously. It is settled by cutting the squirrel in half, but clearly Daryl knows that sticking with this group won’t be a walk in the park and he’s going to have to adapt to survive.

Glenn and Tara reach walkers caught in a cave-in inside the tunnel and try to sneak around them by creating a diversion with a flashlight. Unfortunately Tara gets her leg stuck in some rocks, but Glenn refuses to leave her and begins to empty the remains of his ammunition into the approaching walkers.

The Maurader against Daryl decides to try and frame him for stealing the squirrel. Unfortunately the plan backfires as the leader saw him attempt the plant and he pays for the framing with his life. Further down the train tracks, Daryl uses the Maurader “claimed” phrase for some fruit and in the process becomes a tighter part of the group.

As Glenn and Tara are about to bite it, a vehicle drives down the tunnel and the occupants shoot all the walkers. Maggie is there having run into Abraham, and the now larger group makes it to Terminus where a pleasant greeter lady offers each a “plate” of food while she’s got a barbacue of some sort going.

The official synopsis for The Walking Dead Season 4 finale reads, “Rick and the others begin to reunite at Terminus, soon realizing that the marauders are closing in, and that the so-called sanctuary is not exactly what it seems to be.”

The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 416 ‘A’ premieres tonight exclusively on AMC at 9/8c in HD. If you are subscribed to AMC, you can also watch The Walking Dead online free live streaming at the official AMC website with your provider’s login.

Another option to online stream The Walking Dead episodes is at where tonight’s episode will be available shortly after it airs. All past episodes are ready to stream online right now. Go here to watch The Walking Dead Season 4 finale online streaming at Amazon.

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