Watch The Walking Dead Online Season 5 Episode 506 ‘Consumed’

Tonight’s new episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 5 shines a light on Daryl and Carol, a pairing fans of those characters have been vocal about for several years running. The new episode 506 is titled ‘Consumed’ and will shadow Carol and Daryl as they tail a cross-marked car into Atlanta, and you will be able to watch The Walking Dead online free streaming or catch TWD live on AMC.

When we last saw Daryl, he was emerging from the woods at the church with someone in tow. Was it Carol? Beth or Noah? Or a combination of the three? We might find out by the end of tonight’s episode and learn how Carol ended up in the hospital. My personal prediction is that Noah is the one who Daryl takes back to the base camp and a rescue mission will be launched in the next episode to bring Beth and Carol home.

Last week’s The Walking Dead was the Abraham and Eugene road show that lasted only about 15 miles before their bus crashed. The group, which also consists of Tara, Glenn, Maggie and Rosita, took up camp in a library that looked as if it were pretty secure. However, Abraham’s mission was clear and he wasn’t about to slow down for more than a night’s rest and tussle in the sack with Rosita.

After Eugene blasted walkers from atop a fire truck, the group took the same truck and headed back down the road. By this point we already learned that Eugene sabotaged the bus and wanted to slow the trip north toward Washington D.C., and he got his wish when a massive herd of walkers blocked their forward progress.

Eugene wanted to plow through the walkers and Glenn didn’t. They were about to brawl when Eugene yelled out that his knowledge of the walker cure was a lie and he only wanted to be protected. This enraged Abraham, who we learned via flashbacks was only alive because of a purpose to get Eugene to D.C. Abraham got two good punches on Eugene and might have killed him before the episode ended.

The official synopsis for The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 506, ‘Consumed,’ is straightforward and sans spoilers. It reads, “Daryl and Carol chase the white-crossed car to a desolated Atlanta with hopes of finding Beth and her kidnappers.” The Walking Dead premieres tonight at 9/8c on AMC, and you can watch TWD free episodes after their air for a short time at the official website. You can also watch The Walking Dead online streaming episodes here at Amazon,com in standard or high definition.

Watch The Walking Dead online free streaming season 5 episode 506 consumed

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