Watch Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ Episode 1 Online for Free

Imagine if Peggy Carter was injected with the Super Soldier Serum instead of Steve Rogers and then tasked with bringing down Red Skull. You won’t have to in Disney+ and Marvel’s What If…?, an all-new animated series that makes one significant change in the MCU history and explores the ramifications. It’s the multi-verse in full effect with Jeffrey Wright as The Watcher narrating the unfolding stories.

Find out how to stream and watch What If…? Season 1 Episode 1 online without cable on Roku, Amazon Fire Sticks or Fire TV, smart TVs, smartphones, iPads and tablets, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and other streaming devices.

How to Watch What If…?

The only place you can watch What If…? is on the Disney+ streaming service, and that requires a Disney+ subscription. You can sign-up for a Disney+ subscription directly or take advantage of a free trial offer.

Disney+ Free for 6 Months with Amazon Music

Amazon Prime members can currently take advantage of an extremely sweet offer that will get them 6 months of Disney+ for free when enrolling in Amazon Music. That will not only allow you to watch every episode of What If…? for free, but most or all of the upcoming Hawkeye series as well.

This offer is only $7.99 a month for Amazon Prime members, the same price you would pay for Disney+ by itself, or $9.99 a month for those without an Amazon Prime membership.

Disney+ Subscription

A more straightforward option to stream Marvel What If…? episodes online is to sign-up for a Disney+ subscription at $7.99 a month. Subscribers get more than their money’s worth with seemingly endless Star Wars, Pixar, Disney, Marvel and National Geographic content to choose from.

The cost for Disney Plus remains one of the cheapest of all streaming services at only $7.99 a month.

Disney is also offering an option of subscribing for $79.99 a year that drops the price down to $6.67 a month, over a dollar a month less than going month-to-month.

Disney+ Hulu ESPN+ Bundle

There is also a $13.99 a month bundle option that includes Disney+, ESPN+ and the ad-supported version of Hulu. This deal dubbed “Get All Three” is fantastic and many folks have already jumped in with both feet and endless hours of streaming options.

If you already have a Hulu account then you will receive a bill credit for each month that you’re subscribed to the bundle deal.

Look for the Disney+ app to show up on a variety of devices including Xbox and PlayStation gaming consoles; LG, Samsung and Sony TVs, Roku boxes, and Amazon Fire TV boxes and Fire Sticks.

You’ll need to install the latest update to have the Disney+ app appear after registering your Get All Three account.

What If…? Preview

The first episode of Marvel’s What If…? is all about Peggy Carter. The official synopsis reads, “What would have happened if Peggy Carter and not Steve Rogers took the super soldier serum at the start of World War II.”

Here’s the complete schedule for What If…? Season 1 Episodes 1-9.

  • Episode 1: Peggy Carter – August 11th
  • Episode 2: T’Challa – August 18th
  • Episode 3: Loki – August 25th
  • Episode 4 – September 1st
  • Episode 5 – September 8th
  • Episode 6 – September 15th
  • Episode 7 – September 22nd
  • Episode 8 – September 29th
  • Episode 9 – October 6th

Watch Marvel What If...? Episode 1 Online

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