Watch Fear The Walking Dead Episode 105

‘Cobalt’ is the name of tonight’s new episode of Fear The Walking Dead on AMC, a reference not only to the code name for the pilot episode as was spread online, but also whatever plans the military has for the safe zones where Madison and her family are currently being held against their will. You can watch tonight’s new Fear The Walking Dead Episode 105 live online streaming, but the official AMC online stream is not free and requires a provider login to access.

Last week’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead was noticeably devoid of walkers unless you count a few dead corpses in the road. That episode was more about establishing the military as not being trustworthy as evidenced by Madison wandering outside the fence and the final moments that set in motion a new direction for the show.

It’s obvious that the military is up to no good. They’re shooting non-infected people outside the fence as part of a larger operation to contain the virus and restore military rule. Part of this plan is taking place inside the fence where Griselda Salazar was taken to have surgery on her injured foot, followed by the military literally kidnapping Nick while his family was held at gunpoint.

Now both the Salazar and Clark/Manawa families have the same stakes. Each has a family member being held at a mysterious military facility and each has reason to believe those family members won’t return alive.

The official episode for tonight’s Fear The Walking Dead Episode 105 Cobalt from AMC reads, “The National Guard’s plan for the neighborhood is revealed; Travis and Madison make a difficult decision.”

‘Cobalt’ will premiere tonight on AMC at the show’s usual 9/8c start time in HD high definition. AMC continues to honor Fear The Walking Dead live free online streaming for select cable and satellite providers here on tablets, iPhone and cell phones, computers and more. is another source to watch Fear The Walking Dead episodes online for the entire first season here in either standard or HD viewing alternatives. This option is great for those without access to AMC via satellite or cable who want to catch up through the penultimate episode tonight ahead of next weekend’s Season 1 finale.

Watch Fear The Walking Dead Episode 105

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