Watch ‘Evel Live’ Online History Channel Free Streaming of Travis Pastrana Jumps (Car Jump Complete)

Daredevil Travis Pastrana will pay homage to Evel Knievel tonight by replicating three of the legendary stuntman’s most challenging jumps on live TV. You can watch Evel Live online streaming free with or without cable on History Channel, with an 8 pm EST start time for the massive three-hour Las Vegas stunts special.

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To begin his historical jumps, X Games veteran Travis Pastrana will utilize a v-twin motorcycle similar to the one Evel Knievel used 50 years ago and attempt to jump over the 15′ high Caesar’s Palace fountain. The significance of this jump cannot be understated as Knievel’s attempt left him grasping for life following a brutal crash.

Knievel traveled 141 feet in the air when he attempted the jump back in 1967. He had the distance, but the crash landing left him with a crushed pelvis, broken left hip, right ankle, hands and wrists. He spent nearly a month in the hospital in a coma.

As Knievel later recalled, “The helmet saved my life.”

The other two jumps are distance-based and will see Pastrana trying to break Knievel’s record of clearing 52 cars in a single jump, as well as 16 full-size buses in a single jump.

Update: An aerial shot of the jumping area shows that the bus and car jump setups are literally right next to each other!

Update 2: Pastrana nailed the first jump, the car jump, to break Knievel’s record in soaring fashion.

If Pastrana can successfully clear the Caesar’s Palace fountain and both distance jumps, he will be the first to ever do so since Knievel on a v-twin motorcycle.

There will be a lot of buildup for all three jumps considering the Evel Live event runs 3 hours long on History Channel. That means each jump, which will take mere seconds, will have approximately an hour worth of history and buildup attached to it.

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