Watch American Horror Story: Freak Show Online Free Stream Episode 504 ‘Edward Mordrake: Part 2’ on FX

FX’s American Horror Story: Freak Show seemingly took its first turn toward the supernatural last week when a century-old Halloween legend came true with potentially deadly consequences for one unfortunate freak. Tonight’s new episode 504, ‘Edward Mordrake Part 2’ on FX and online free streaming, will wrap up that spooky AHS story line and finally bring one of the periphery characters in contact with the core group.

The first part of Edward Mordrake saw Ethel tell the troupe about the legend of a freak from the 1800s with a second face on the back of his head. This freak was ridiculed and eventually died, only to come back and haunt any freak show whose participants should perform on All Hallows Eve.

Elsa ends up sort of performing, and that bring Mordrake to the freak show where he first targets Ethel and, despite her newly discovered life expectancy of only a few months due to a failing liver, decides she’s not the right person to go. Now Ethel must convince the other carnies of the threat.

In the next  town over where a curfew is not in effect, Halloween trick-or-treating is in full swing and Twisty the Clown is creepily stalking this young girl already afraid of clowns. When it looks like  Twisty might snatch the girl, he grabs her bullying brother instead, and he’s likely to join the other two kidnapped kids in the terror bus.

A mysterious visitor named Maggie has come to the freak show claiming to be a fortune teller. She scams Elsa into believing she’s the real deal and gets an in, but little does Elsa realize that Maggie is a fraud and works with a man who wants the body parts of Bette and Dot to sell to the highest bidder.

The synopsis for American Horror Story: Freak Show ‘Edward Mordrake: Part 2’ reads, “Edward Mordrake continues his search for a Freak to add to his ghostly coterie. Elsa tells the grisly story of her days in Germany. Jimmy and Maggie have a run-in with the Twisted Clown.”

Tonight’s new American Horror Story: Freak Show episode has a start time of 10/9c on FX and you can also watch FX online free streaming at the official FX video on demand (VOD) streaming website here for a limited time with a provider login, though not live while it is first airing on the FX TV channel.

You can also watch American Horror Story: Freak Show episodes online streaming shortly after they premiere at FX here via, including all past episodes from Freak Show and past seasons.

Watch American Horror Story Freak Show online free stream

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