TNT’s The Librarians Trailer Enlists New Recruits

The Librarians are returning to TNT, only this time there’s some fresh new recruits whose assemblage instantly draws comparisons to a recently departed and beloved Syfy series.

TNT originally aired The Librarians starring Noah Wyle (TNT’s Falling Skies) as three separate made-for-TV movies between 2004 and 2008. Each was well-received, and with Wyle wrapping up his commitment to Falling Skies, as well as Syfy’s similarly toned and designed Warehouse 13 series having  concluded this past summer, the stars aligned perfectly for The Librarians to return as its own TV series.

The Librarians New York Comic-Con panel delivered the first trailer from the new series. It features Wyle in a recurring role (for now) as Flynn Carsen, curator of a Library that houses rare artifacts with magical powers. Carsen is a bit overwhelmed on the job so he enlists a Guardians (Rebeccca Romijn) and a trio of junior Librarians (Lindy Booth, Christian Kane and John Kim) to help him out.

Together this team is already being compared to Pete, Mika, Artie, Claudia, and Steve on Warehouse 13. Some might argue that the premise for Warehouse 13, a mystical building that houses rare artifacts and the curators/guardians who protect them, was taken from The Librarians TV movies. If so, and if Warehouse 13 inspired the new “team” angle for The Librarians series, then let’s call it even and move along.

Familiar faces from The Librarians TV series including Bob Newhart and Jane Curtin will be popping up, and Night Court’s John Larroquette has landed himself a starring role.

The Librarians will premiere Sunday, December 7 at 8/7c on TNT with back-to-back episodes. Watch The Librarians trailer below.

The Librarians trailer

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