The Walking Dead Episode 613 ‘The Same Boat’ Clip and Trailer

The floodgates for violence have sprung open on The Walking Dead. Last night Rick’s group officially became murderers as they infiltrated presumably one of Negan’s compounds and methodically killed almost everyone inside. One almost got away, and that Savior looks to be a bargaining chip.

While Rick, Daryl, Glenn and the rest of the strike team subdued the last Savior who tried to escape on what looked like Daryl’s bike, a radio call came in from the surrounding area warning Rick that Maggie and Carol were being held hostage. Just like that the tables had turned.

A two-for-one trade isn’t fair so expect some drawn out drama on The Walking Dead Episode 613 ‘The Same Boat’ when it premieres this upcoming Sunday. The way things are going, Negan may show up sooner rather than later and lay down his own brand of justice.

Below you’ll find a clip from next week’s new episode that premiered on The Talking Dead. There are no real spoilers so don’t worry, but I’m starting to get the impression that Rick’s group is going to lose someone or someones ahead of the season finale.

The “Next On The Walking Dead” trailer is also below and it confirms that we’ll see the confrontation in the woods that led to Maggie and Carol being captured.

The Walking Dead Episode 613 The Same Boat Clip

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