The Flash Adds a Steely Villain to its Roster

The Flash Girder

The CW is throwing a hard challenge at The Flash in his inaugural season in addition to the two previously announced villains. Literally “hard” considering this villain is able to transmute a portion of his body into steel in order to slow down the Scarlet Speedster.

TVLine is reporting that The Flash casting team is in search of an actor to portray Tony Woodward, otherwise known as The Girder in DC Comics lore. Woodward is described in the casting call as having been a bully as a youth who targeted, among other kids, a young Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). As an adult he’s a burly steelworker who, after being dumped into a vat of molten metal that S.T.A.R. Labs waste had infiltrated, turns into a near indestructible metal monster.

I use the term “near” because in the comics, the Achilles Heel of the Girder is none other than rust as noted on the comic version’s chest plate seen above. It makes sense considering he’s literally made of steel so rust would break down his molecular structure, even if it sounds like an incredibly corny way to take down a villain.

Girder joins The Flash pilot villain who is able to control weather as well as Captain Cold, to be played on the small screen by Wentworth Miller. Look for Tony Woodward to make his The Flash debut in a recurring role on the sixth episode of Season 1.

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