Watch KISS A&E Biography ‘KISStory’ Online for Free

The legendary band KISS is the focus of the latest A&E Biography special, Biography: KISStory. For this all-new KISS documentary, A&E has split the four-hour mega event covering 5 decades of rock across two consecutive nights starting Sunday, June 27th at 9/8c exclusively on the A&E cable TV channel.

Find out how to watch the KISStory A&E Special online free without cable or a satellite subscription.

Philo 7-Day Free Trial

The Philo streaming service includes A&E live programming along with on-demand of previously aired content along with 63 other channels in its lineup so you can watch Biography: KISStory. There’s a 7-day free trial period for Philo that will let you take this fantastic streaming service for a spin.

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Biography: KISStory Preview

The official A&E synopsis for Biography: KISStory reads as follows:

“Biography: KISStory chronicles the band’s five decades in the business as founders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons reflect on their historic career.

After 50 years of rocking and rolling all night and partying every day, the #1 Gold Record selling band of all time, KISS, shares their story of success before finally smashing their last guitar and extinguishing the fire-breathing demon. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, along with current members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer as well as guests Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters), Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine), manager Doc McGhee (Motley Crue, Bon Jovi), music producer Bob Ezrin (Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd) and more tell the wild story of the most successful and influential band in the world.”

Biography: KISStory is directed by D.J. Viola.

KISS joins Ozzy Osbourne, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton and other musicians and bands that have been the subject of an A&E Biography. Expect other musical acts to get the A&E Biography treatment in the future.

It’s unclear which Biography special will premiere after KISStory. The previous 8 Biography specials were all part of the impressive WWE Legends series.

Watch KISS Biography Online

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