Star Wars Rebels Zeb Clip: Taking On the Whole Empire by Himself

Star Wars Rebels Zeb clip

On Monday, Disney XD is going to release a new Star Wars Rebels character short for Zeb, the muscle on the Ghost’s crew that prefers melee combat to the long-ranged stuff. You don’t have to wait until Monday to get a preview of this short as a clip of Zeb in action is ready to be watched below via THR.

Zeb, voiced by Steve Blum, is based off Ralph McQuarrie concept art for Chewbacca before it was revised into the walking carpet we recognize today. He wields an energy staff similar to the one used by General Grevious’ personal guards that forces him to fight up close and share his unique brand of humor with foes before pummeling them into unconsciousness.

In the clip, Zeb descends upon a squadron of stormtroopers guarding an Imperial Tie Fighter as a lone and confident aggressor. He dispatches of the troopers relatively easily, but there’s the Tie Fighter pilot lurking in the shadows with a weapon trained on its target.

Star Wars Rebels takes place approximately five years  before the events of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The Empire is tightening its grip on the galaxy and flushing out the last remaining Jedi in hiding. Darth Vader has called upon a new villain, The Inquisitor, to handle this dirty work, while a rebellion against the Empire and the Emperor begins to take shape.

The series stars the voice talents of Freddie Prinze Jr., Jason Isaacs, Taylor Gray, Vanessa Marshall, Tiya Sircar, David Oyelowo, and Billy Dee Williams, along with Blum.

Disney Channel recently announced the Star Wars Rebels premiere date and set a schedule for when the new series will run on Disney XD.

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