‘Star Wars Rebels’ Warhead Clip Invites Metallic Trouble

Star Wars Rebels Warhead Clip

This Saturday’s upcoming episode of Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD returns the Ghost and its crew back to Chopper base following last week’s midseason premiere set on the dusty wastelands of Geonosis.

When the Ghost returns it has a +1; a droid picked up by Zeb and Chopper in the Atollon wilderness. That new passenger turns out to be more than the rebels bargained for.

Those with a keen eye for detail will notice that the new droid is based upon Star Wars: A New Hope concept art for C-3P0 by Ralph McQuarrie, which was inspired by the humanoid robot from Metropolis.

The premiere time for episode 314, ‘Warhead,’ is 8:30 pm EST.

Watch a clip introducing this problematic and dangerous droid from ‘Warhead’ below.

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