‘Ninjago’ Season 11 Updates: Leaked Footage Elicits LEGO Response

LEGO Ninjago fans are a passionate bunch. Sometimes for the better, and sometimes not.

After enjoying the big two-plus season arc that bid farewell to the show’s original writers Dan Hageman and Kevin Hageman, fan anticipation for what comes next from new writer Bragi Schut (Escape Room), the LEGO Group and Wifilm Productions is boiling toward the pot’s rim.

This past week that built up energy boiled over when a Canadian television network released a short 15-second teaser for what we presume to be Ninjago Season 11.

Rather than embrace and celebrate the new footage, fans tore it apart on social media.

I won’t link the leaked Ninjago Season 11 footage here but in short it was never meant to be seen by the public, hence its washed out look compared to the excellence of Season 8 through March of the Oni.

We know this as unbiased fact because executive producer Tommy Andreasen took to Twitter to defend the footage in a series of tweets, starting by sharing the highly detailed image of Master Wu above and continuing with this series of tweets below:

So if you’re one of the Ninjago fans up in arms about the leaked footage, don’t be. What you saw was incomplete and should have remained out of view. End of story.

We’ll pass along the official LEGO trailer for Ninjago Season 11 — or whatever it will be called — when available.

Ninjago Season 11 Leak

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