LEGO Ninjago Season 6 Poster Reveals New Ships, Villains and Other Secrets

The LEGO Group is slowly taking the wraps off of LEGO Ninjago Season 6 and earlier today delivered a gift that keeps on giving the more you look at it.

Below you will find the first official LEGO Ninjago Season 6 poster featuring Jay with a possible eye patch, Lloyd and Zane taking on a host of sky pirates with nefarious intentions. I would expect everything you see in this image to be released next March in LEGO toy form, and official images of those toys to come online sooner rather than later.

The four-armed pirate genie-from-a-bottle and flaming sword bearing Kai’s face on its hilt is Nadakhan, or as LEGO Ninjago writers Brothers Hageman refer to him, “Nadagoodguy.” His troop of motley villains pictured include a hardcore Dennis Eckersley fan, a monkey with appropriately a wrench, a peg leg Serpentine hoisting a pirate flag, and some sort of possibly un-dead fella with warthog teeth and a serrated sword or over sized can opener. Other villains that may include an Hulk-like samurai wielding an anchor are on the move in the distance.

As the Season 6 title Skybound suggests, it appears chunks of Ninjago will literally be floating in the air and the Ninjago will get to use their recently mastered Airjitzsu skills once again. The two ships and dragon pictured toward the top makes us wish the Destiny’s Bounty was still around. Who knows; maybe it is.

Be sure to read our interview with Dan and Kevin Hageman about LEGO Ninjago and Season 6 hints.

LEGO Ninjago Season 6 poster full

LEGO Ninjago Season 6 poster

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