Homeland Season 4 Premiere Trailer Drops Plot Spoilers

Carrie (Claire Danes) may be finally lucid when Homeland Season 4 premieres, but life will be anything but easy for the CIA operative who recently lost the father of her child in a horrific public execution.

Showtime has been cryptic about revealing Homeland Season 4 plot spoilers in their trailers, opting instead to focus on random imagery without the threads to string everything together. That all changes with a new Homeland Season 4 premiere trailer that finally sheds some light on where the narrative is headed next.

The trailer tells us that Carrie is caring for her infant child and is forced to relocate to the Middle East after an informant turns on the U.S. resulting in a deadly drone strike that kills innocent civilians. Carrie ordered the strike and is in trouble, so she turns to the one man she trust’s the most to help her out of a jam: Saul.

The Homeland Season 4 premiere air date is set for Sunday, October 5 and will span two full episodes, a first for the series. Watch the spoilers filled trailer below at your own risk.

Homeland Season 4 premiere trailer

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