Helix Season 2 Trailer Leaves the Snow Behind

Syfy’s Helix is coming back in January for a second season, and the first Helix Season 2 trailer reminds us that the days of blustery snowstorms and arctic chills that dominated the first season are a thing of the past.

In Helix Season 2, the CDC is sent to investigate a deadly outbreak of “something” on a Windjammer cruise ship that may or may not be tied to the Narvik outbreak at Arctic Biosystems. The investigation leads the team to a strange island where a group of people have formed a cult intent on creation a Utopian society at any cost. You’ll get a peek at the doomed ship in the new trailer below.

There are a handful of lingering questions from the wonky Season 1 finale. What is Ilaria up to now and how have they seduced Julia not only into their ranks, but as their CEO? Is Peter truly cured, or is he still unstable as the new promo leads us to believe? Where do Hatake’s loyalties really lie a year removed from the first season’s bat crazy events?

Helix stars Billy Campbell, Neil Napier, Matt Long, Steven Weber, Kyra Zagorsky and Jordan Hayes. An exact premiere date in January has not yet been announced.

Helix Season 2 trailer

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