Gotham Rogues Gallery Clip Puts Penguin Behind Bars

Gotham returns to Fox tonight with the midseason premiere episode, ‘Rogues Gallery.’  Over the weekend Fox offered up a new look at the first Gotham episode of 2015 in the form of a clip, and we’ve got that clip below ready for you to enjoy ahead of the episode’s premiere later today.

In the Gotham ‘Rogues Galley’ clip, Oswald Cobblepot is behind bars at the Gotham City Police Department headquarters and pleading for Detective Harvey Bullock’s attention. He wants to strike a deal and knows that Bullock is more interested in personal gain than the city’s well being. Penguin is a clever guy.

Penguin usually has some great lines in Gotham and this clip is no different. Here he dishes out an analogy to Bullock that goes, “It’s soothing… like a bonsai tree.” I get the feeling it’s going to take more than this pep talk for Cobblepot to return to the streets and his mission to pit Gotham’s two biggest crime families against one another.

Gotham ‘Rogues Galley’ premieres tonight at a start time of 8/7c on Fox, and will be available to watch online streaming via Hulu, Fox Now and Fox on Demand as well.

Gotham Rogues Gallery Clip

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