Fear The Walking Dead Clip Serves First Dialogue with Ominous Warning

Fear The Walking Dead clip

The characters in AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead are unaware of the zombie apocalyptic nightmare that awaits them. That gives them a unique perspective that viewers don’t have and one that Robert Kirkman and the creative team behind The Walking Dead spin-off series are looking to exploit.

Take this second clip from the Fear The Walking Dead series premiere that introduced high school guidance counselor Madison (Kim Dickens) and presumably one of her students. The student is calmly having a nervous breakdown based on “reports in five states” he’s read on the Internet about an illness that is causing people to kill people.

He specifically says, “They don’t know if it’s a virus or a microbe. They don’t know, but it’s spreading. People are killing.”

Madison, in turn, is of the camp that everything is okay as long as the government, or “authorities” as she calls them, haven’t declared there’s a problem. “You need to spend less time online, okay,” Madison responds, before silencing her distraught student with,“The authorities would tell us.”

Considering Madison is a core character and we have no idea who the kid is, I’d say it’s a safe bet that he will become walker fodder and Madison will either witness his death or be chased by what he becomes. Or, the kid’s parents will be killed and Madison will become his unofficial guardian as society crumbles around them. Either way this clip sets up Madison for a world of hurt ahead.

While we still don’t have a precise Fear The Walking Dead premiere date, the clip ends by teasing that the series premiere is coming in August.

Here’s that first Fear The Walking Dead clip in case you missed it.

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