Audials Moviebox: All-in-One Recorder for Novice and Experienced Users Alike

Streaming movies and TV shows has plenty to recommend it but sometimes the way you really want to enjoy the latest episode of Game of Thrones or the latest blockbuster to hit the home markets is offline, anywhere you want and on any device. And that’s not even taking into account the hundreds of YouTube-exclusive clips that you might want in your own personal collection. This is especially true if your Internet connection is anything less than wonderful.

Enter Audials Moviebox, a video-streaming recorder that grabs videos and movies from media players like the BBC iPlayer or large original video sites like YouTube and stores them on your own hard drive. Just enter a video’s URL into Audials Moviebox, select the format you wish to save it under and legally save it to your hard disk. Simple as that.

It also comes fully equipped with other useful functions that allows you to convert between different formats for different devices, copy DVDs, create a private library and even extract the audio from any video file into universal formats like MP3. All ID3 tags are created automatically, immediately assigning information like movie title, year of release, director and/ or genre but Audials Moviebox also allows you to edit them all at will. This makes Moviebox a wonderful library organizer, as well as recorder.

Audials Moviebox features presets for major streaming sites like Hulu or Netflix to make conversion even easier but ease-of- use is one of the main draws to the program in general. Whether you’re an expert on everything there is to know about digital videos or a general user who just wants to use the program for quick and easy access to your favorite shows, movie clips or general web-only video content, Moviebox is set up to allow novice users to do their thing with minimal fuss and effort, while allowing more advanced users the opportunity to customize their recordings to their own particular tastes. The program even includes a browser plugin to make recording a streaming video just that much easier.

Audials Screen

Such a features-rich program does require a halfway decent computer on which to run it and it may be something of a resource hog for older machines but it shouldn’t present any more real issues than the media-heavy sites that host the streaming videos in the first place. At $40 and currently marked down to $24.90, it may not be freeware but with an established brand like Audials behind it, it also offers both the kind of support and extensive features that most free streaming-video recorders simply can’t match. Audials even allows you to try Moviebox for free to see the kind of features it offers, without actually viewing more than five seconds of the video you recorded, before plonking down your hard earned cash.

With constant updates, tons of easy-to-use features and full support, Audials Moviebox is a great choice for anyone interested in freeing themselves from the restrictions that comes with online streaming, while still enjoying all the advantages that comes with it.

For more information, downloading the test version or buying the full version, jump over to the developer’s website.

Audials Moviebox

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