Agents of SHIELD Clip: Agent Carter Flashback Points to the Stars

Agents of SHIELD clip agent carter

Tuesday’s Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD will turn back the clock for the second time in Season 2, back when Agent Carter (Hayley Atwell) was working for the SSR in the immediate years following the presumed death of Steve Rogers aka Captain America. Atwell gets some screen time interrogating a familiar Hydra face, and the result is a brief history lesson into extraterrestrial influence on the history of mankind.

The year is 1945 and agent Whitehall (Reed Diamond), the same Whitehall terrorizing SHIELD in present day, looks not a day younger sitting patiently in an interrogation room. Whitehall teases Agent Carter with information he possesses about artifacts and other items the SSR has confiscated from the Nazis and Hydra at the conclusion of World War II, and even goes as far to admit visitors came from the stars with the intention of conquering earth.

The exchange between Whitehall and Agent Carter is flawless and frankly I could easily watch an entire episode worth of these two going back and forth. That’s unlikely to happen, but what could happen is Whitehall showing up in January’s Agent Carter TV series since this flashback establishes his existence in the past.

Bigger questions raised by Whitehall’s presence are how has he not aged and what exactly does he know about the cosmic universe and its inhabitants? Whitehall being of the Kree race or knowledgeable about the Kree race is one opinion floating around. I’d like to think he’s used an alien artifact to halt the aging process, as cheesy as that McGuffin would ultimately be.

Catch Agents of SHIELD with the Agent Carter and Whitehall flashback this Tuesday at 9/8c on ABC. Watch the Agents of SHIELD Agent Carter clip below.

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