Agents of SHIELD Alien Writing an Easter Egg in Past Episodes

Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) loves to scribble now that his mind is aware of the alien DNA flowing through his body. Those scribbles, part of the Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD cliffhanger, will not only be seen again, but have already appeared as Easter Eggs on multiple occasions in the past.

The first time viewers saw the Agents of SHIELD alien writing was on a wall during a mission in Belarus. The connection at the time wasn’t obvious, but Marvel has confirmed the wall markings are in fact the same alien writing that Coulson is seen filling a wall with in the Season 1 SHIELD finale.

The Agents of SHIELD alien writing pops up again on the blue alien corpse that gave Coulson and Skye (Chloe Bennet) the necessary genetic material to cheat death. Symbols matching the circles and lines written by Coulson are tattooed on the alien’s torso.

Agent John Garrett (Bill Paxton), an undercover Hydra agent who didn’t survive the first season, was seen etching the alien symbols into glass. He had already injected himself with the alien DNA so the connection between the aliens species — Kree, perhaps? — and those humans that have come into contact with it is undeniable.

Marvel has promised that the Agents of SHIELD alien writing will return in the Season 2 premiere this Tuesday, September 23 on ABC. I would expect it to lead the team to Skye’s father who may be an alien in disguise himself.

Agents of SHIELD alien writing large

Source: Marvel Facebook

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