5 Reasons You Should Be Watching Rick And Morty

TV lovers have been obsessed with Game of Thrones this past summer and for good reason. The accelerated timelines delivered a seventh season full of spectacle, while ratings have soared and fans spend hours coming up with theories and analyzing every detail.

There’s another cult TV show that has its own obsessive fandom and also shows on a Sunday night. Rick and Morty is in its third season – which viewers waited almost two years for. Around the world, fans are watching it either on Adult Swim or using free VPNs to access it through streaming websites.

Here are five reasons why Rick and Morty is worth a watch in the void that Game of Thrones has left behind.

It’s Sacrilegious

Nothing is sacred in Rick and Morty. One of Morty’s most fundamental thoughts is expressed to his sister: “Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Everybody’s gonna die. Come watch TV”.

And Rick and Morty is not afraid to pursue this line of thinking. It’s full of mordant humor about the meaninglessness of everything and the fact that God just does not exist.

It’s Scientifically “Sound”

Okay, some of what Rick does is clearly not based on actual science. Rick turning himself into a pickle is a made-up scenario that could never happen in real life. Obviously. But everything in the series is based on scientific principles. The multiverse theory tops that list. The show’s philosophies are based on a scientific approach to life and the cosmos.

It’s Internally Consistent

Some of the stuff that has happened on Game of Thrones recently has made zero plot sense. Rick and Morty never takes those sort of plot shortcuts. In the Rick and Morty multiverse, Rick turning himself into a pickle made more sense than Jon Snow’s idiotic mission beyond the wall. The scenarios might be crazy, ridiculously improvised, and absurd, but the world of the show is incredibly consistent, which has led to fans obsessing over details.

There are Tons of Easter Eggs

Dan Harmon, who created both Rick and Morty and Community, loves sticking Easter eggs into his shows. Whether it’s meta references or the influence of other pop culture, fans spend hours rewatching episodes to find all the Easter eggs. There are long videos on YouTube for just about every episode of Rick and Morty that has aired, breaking down references and Easter eggs that add incredible texture to an already hilarious and brilliant show.

It Has Philosophical Merit

YouTube channel Wisecrack is best known for its in-depth philosophical videos on TV series, movies, and other pop culture. It has probably spent more time on Rick and Morty than any other single entity. This third season has seen them focusing on individual episodes. This is because there is philosophical thought put into everything that happens on the show. From its deep existential and nihilistic roots, to its treatise on the superhero genre, Rick and Morty truly delves where few other shows go.

Five Reasons Rick and Morty

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