3 Clever Ways TV Shows Have Used Online Hosting

Our world is becoming smaller by the day. Globalization has made it easier to share cultural and technological innovations in moments. You don’t have to leave your city to be a part of another continent’s music scene.

But it’s not just in terms of globalization that our world’s contracting. Within our own lives, everything’s becoming a bit more… streamlined. If you’re an Apple loyalist, for example, you’ll have a good understanding of this. Your computer, phone, tablet, and even TV can all run on the same principles, with one system adapted to each device. Each device can do just about everything.

In other words, instead of buying more and more hardware or a wide variety of software, we need fewer devices and a limited number of operating systems and apps.

TV and film studios would do well to catch up, realizing that a show no longer needs to take place entirely on a single screen. To be truly innovative, they can engage with viewers, becoming interactive.

Using content delivery networks (CDNs) like HostiServer instead of traditional hosting makes it all the more effective. It uses many dedicated servers, instead of just one, to make sure that high traffic doesn’t crash a website or app, and that it can be used effectively no matter how far from their base you are.

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Here are three series that have found clever ways to use apps or the internet to interact with viewers.

Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot has made a big impact on pop culture simply by bringing a realistic hacking drama to our screens. It took the basic Fight Club concept and gave it an entirely new, more modern spin, creating an isolated, mentally ill character suited to the modern age, who fights the system with his hacking prowess.

In 2016, a Mr. Robot app was released on iOS and Android. It was packaged as an app made by EvilCorp, the big corporation that has a hand in every pie in the Mr. Robot world. Essentially, it worked as a choose your own adventure game. At various times in the day, you would get a message on the app from a stranger, asking you to help out with some dodgy business. You had to choose what path to take, whether or not to help, and got dragged ever deeper into F Society’s devious plans.

Save Walter White

Okay, so this one is a lot less sophisticated than the Mr. Robot app. But Save Walter White gets points for how it added to the reality of the show itself. The website is ostensibly set up by Walt Jr., who is trying to raise money for his dad’s treatment. It shows a boy who cares about the man he thinks he knows, completely unaware of the crazy life his father is living.

It is somehow both funny and heartbreaking at the same time. Of course, since Breaking Bad has been off the air for half a decade(!) now, it might not feel so poignant any longer.

HIMYM’s Many Sites

How I Met Your Mother was known for committing to certain bits, and one thing they did especially well was set up a host of websites that tied in to ongoing storylines. There’s the ridiculous Guy Forces His Wife To Dress In A Garbage Bag For The Next Three Years. But there’s also the more substantial Robin Sparkle’s Myspace page, where you can actually watch her annoying and hilarious music videos.

TV is slowly becoming more interactive, engaging in our real lives, bringing an added sense of reality to the stories.

TV Shows have used online hosting

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