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Bee Movie DVD Giveaway

 Contest has closed.  Jerry Seinfeld’s Bee Movie buzzes onto DVD March 11 from Dreamworks. To celebrate the all-CGI release, we’ve teamed up with Dreamworks and Paramount to offer up 5 copies of this home video titles here at TMR. For your chance to… Read More

101 Dalmatians Platinum Edition DVD Giveaway

 Contest has closed.  Who let the dogs out? Disney did! For the first time in nearly a decade, Disney has pulled the timeless classic 101 Dalmatians from their fortified home video vault. This time around, they’re offering it in an all-new two-disc Platinum… Read More

The Fugitive Season One Volume Two DVD Giveaway

 Contest has closed.  Richard Kimble is on the loose in this second DVD box set released from the groundbreaking television series The Fugitive. We’ve teamed up with Paramount Home Entertainment to offer up five copies of The Fugitive Season One Volume Two,… Read More

Margot at the Wedding DVD Giveaway

 Contest has closed.  We’re giving away five copies of Margot at the Wedding, a new R-rated comedy on DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment starring Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jack Black. You can win a copy of Margot at the Wedding by sending in… Read More

JAG Season Five DVD Giveaway

 Contest has closed.  On January 29, Paramount Home Entertainment will release the fifth season of the television drama JAG (Judge Advocate General) on DVD. Unlike the previous four seasons, all 25 episodes of season five will be presented in their original widescreen… Read More

Phillips 42 Inch 2008 Eco HDTV Sweepstakes

 Contest has closed.  Since 2002, TheManRoom has given away thousands of home entertainment goodies ranging from autographed DVDs to gaming consoles to a year’s supply of gum. Never before have we had the opportunity to give away something as cool as what… Read More

Shoot Em Up DVD Sweepstakes

 Contest has closed.  Clive Owen proved he can act amidst gunfire in Children of Men, and now in Shoot ‘Em Up, he gets the chance to take aim and inflict damage himself. Shoot ‘Em Up, now available on DVD and Blu-ray Disc, includes special features such… Read More

Zodiac: Director’s Cut HD DVD Sweepstakes

 Contest has closed.  The unlikely pairing of Robert Downey Jr., Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Ruffalo in 2007’s Zodiac proved to be another notch on the wall of success for director David Fincher. Many consider Zodiac his best film since Fight Club, if not better.… Read More

Family Guy Blue Harvest DVD Sweepstakes

 Contest has closed.  Star Wars celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2007, so what better way to pay tribute than mock the sci-fi saga with one of today’s funniest families. That’s precisely what Seth MacFarlane and his writers did in Blue Harvest, a… Read More