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Straw Dogs (2011) Blu-ray Review

This past year's remake of Straw Dogs accomplishes what few remakes can: It visits new territory while remaining respectful of its predecessor. Everything from the low-key score to the sparse, simple shot selections could easily have been at home in…  Read More
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Blue Velvet Blu-ray Review

Blue Velvet is a cult classic that has been revered and copied for more than two decades. The David Lynch film that peels back the curtain on quiet American suburbia is more than just a cult classic. It is, in…  Read More
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Straw Dogs Blu-ray Review

1971's Straw Dogs reminds us that there's more than one kind of impotence that can make a man small and helpless. Fear can render a man impotent. It isn't necessarily the fear of being hurt or the fear of failure…  Read More
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