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Watch USA vs Puerto Rico Men’s Soccer Game

The U.S. Men’s National Team returns to the soccer pitch today against Puerto Rico in a friendly international soccer match that’s highlighted by a couple notable firsts. Watch USA vs Puerto Rico online free live streaming… Read More

Watch USA vs Puerto Rico Women’s Soccer Game

Team USA must feel a touch fortunate to enter tonight’s women’s soccer game against Puerto Rico with their unbeaten streak in the CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying Championship intact. With a pass into the next round already punched,… Read More

Fast Five Set Video from Puerto Rico

The first day of filming on Universal’s Fast Five (Fast & The Furious 5) is underway in Puerto Rico and several first looks at the production have hit the web. Earlier today, Tyrese tweeted a couple images of the cast armed and ready… Read More

Tyrese Tweeting Images from Fast Five Shoot

Tyrese is on the Puerto Rico set of Fast Five aka Fast & Furious 5 and already sharing the first pics from the shoot. No cars yet, but he’s taken an unofficial snapshot of the cast both at ease and armed to the teeth. In the pics below you… Read More

A Perfect Getaway Blu-ray Review

I have to admit liking A Perfect Getaway (2009) more than the film snob in me should. This thriller is painfully self conscious about ensuring we know a way too obvious twist (though possibly so obvious you may rule it…  Read More
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