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Fable 3 Review: It’s Familiar to be King

Albion is your oyster in Fable 3, Peter Molyneux and Lionhead Studios' more accessible than challenging latest chapter in the ongoing Fable saga on Xbox 360 (and PC). It will draw you in with its vastly improved narrative and excellent…  Read More
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Fable 3 Exposed via 6 X-Play Interviews

Last night on G4’s X-Play, Adam Sessler dug deep into the ins and outs of Lionhead Studios’ Fable 3 via sit down chats with the game’s creative minds including Peter Molyneux. The lengthy Fable 3 X-Play session is split into… Read More

Fable 3 Release Date is October 26

Microsoft Game Studios and Lionhead Studios have pegged October 26 as your next trip to Albion in the Xbox 360 exclusive Fable III (aka Fable 3). Lionhead founder Peter Molyneux revealed the date along with a new trailer at Microsoft’s… Read More