Tag: Optimism Prevails

Wii U Week Day One: Announcement Reaction

It was over a month ago when I sat in the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles, California, and was formally introduced to Wii U at Nintendo’s E3 media briefing. Since then I’ve had several weeks to ruminate on my impressions of… Read More

Third Party Support: Part Three of Wii U Week

One of the biggest knocks against Nintendo over the past two decades has always been the lack of third-party support on their home video game consoles. Just look at the Wii; it’s a souped up GameCube with fancy motion controls that helped… Read More

Questions and Concerns: Part Four of Wii U Week

Nintendo took a chance in announcing and demoing Wii U upward of a year or more before its release sometime in 2012. The competition now has insight into what the trailblazing company is up to and will no doubt take a long and hard look at their future… Read More

Optimism Prevails: Part Five of Wii U Week

A week ago I talked about my initial reaction to Nintendo’s unveiling of Wii U at E3 as being one of skepticism and disappointment when this series of Wii U-related articles kicked off. In the time between the E3 unveiling, a hands-on demonstration… Read More