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NFL Week 15 Recap

Week 15 saw another rare win for the House. The members could only post 9 correct wins to the House’s 11. After fourteen weeks of slop, the score is 8 to 4 in favor of the members, with three pushes. Everybody’s favorite sim, NFL Madden… Read More

NFL Week 13 Recap

Week 13 featured a rare push in the “Beat the House” competition as the two games in question were split. Both factions posted 10 wins apiece. After thirteen weeks of the most dreadful football the league has ever seen, the score… Read More

NFL Week 9 Recap

After only 9 weeks of the TMR “Beat the House” competition, it is safe to say that the House has lost on the year. The members posted 11 wins to the House’s 6, a 5 win margin of victory for the week. That is the biggest margin of… Read More

NFL Week 11 Recap

Most of the games fell as they should have this week, but the House took a chance on two underdogs and lost both picks. The members posted 13 wins to the House’s 11. After eleven weeks, the score is 6 to 3 in favor of the members, with two pushes.… Read More

NFL Week 12 Recap

Ouch, this is really starting to hurt. Once again, the members bested the house in our little competition to the tune of 11 correct picks to 8. This week, the House posted one of the lowest pick sets out of all the entries. After twelve weeks of pretty… Read More