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Under The Bed Blu-ray Review

Fear is one of the most common traits amongst humans. Whether it be murderers lurking at every dark corner, a doctor pulling down his mask to reveal clown makeup or simply reaching for the toilet paper only to discover it's…  Read More
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The Beaver Blu-ray Review

It's truly a shame that The Beaver, thanks to some very bad publicity via Mel Gibson's unfortunate public meltdown, almost never saw the light of day. Not only is it a very strong film regarding the human psyche and its…  Read More
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The American Blu-ray Review

The American (2010) is not a Hollywood quick-cut editing extravaganza catering to short attention spans. After the Bourne flicks, which I'm a big fan of, took action to the point of inducing motion sickness, director Anton Corbijn (Control) situates violence…  Read More
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Toy Story 3 Blu-ray Review

The success and creative excellence of Pixar's Toy Story and its equally amazing sequel, Toy Story 2, left little room for error in the third and likely final outing for Andy's toy collection in Toy Story 3. If we've learned…  Read More
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