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Fable 3 Gold Keys and Doors Locations Guide

Gold Keys and the doors they unlock are some of the hardest collectibles to locate in Fable 3. Many players are left wondering how to find them, relegated to wandering aimlessly in hopes of stumbling onto a golden glow revealing their location.… Read More

Fable 3 Legendary Weapons Locations Guide

Legendary weapons collectibles have made the jump from Fable 2 to Fable 3 and evolved to include three unlockable bonuses per weapon while equipped. With a total of 51 Legendary weapons to collect in Fable 3 (plus 1 additional exclusive to the… Read More

Fable 3 Review: It’s Familiar to be King

Albion is your oyster in Fable 3, Peter Molyneux and Lionhead Studios' more accessible than challenging latest chapter in the ongoing Fable saga on Xbox 360 (and PC). It will draw you in with its vastly improved narrative and excellent…  Read More
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