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Watch Miami Dolphins vs New York Jets Online

The Miami Dolphins must find a way to defeat their division rival, the New York Jets, and get assistance from other games in week 17 to get into the NFL playoffs. Rex Ryan likely coaches his last football for NY as we watch Dolphins vs Jets online… Read More

Watch NY Jets vs Carolina Panthers Online

The Carolina Panthers saw their win streak unceremoniously snapped last week while the New York Jets are on the cusp of having their playoff hopes permanently extinguished with a week 15 loss. The struggling Jets will fight for their postseason… Read More

Watch Oakland Raiders vs NY Jets Online

The New York Jets are in must-win territory against the Oakland Raiders today if they want to remain a participant in the AFC wild card race. The Raiders need to find a way to not lose close games when we watch Raiders vs Jets online free live streaming… Read More

Watch Miami Dolphins vs NY Jets Online

The Miami Dolphins and New York Jets share a spot in a log jam in the AFC that has a collection of teams squatting on 5-6 records and hoping to break free to temporarily secure an NFL playoff spot in week 13’s game. One team will keep pace and… Read More

Watch NY Jets vs Baltimore Ravens Online

The 5-5 New York Jets and 4-6 Baltimore Ravens each suffered losses in very winnable games a week ago. Playoff hopes for today’s winner will rise in week 12 when we watch NY Jets vs Ravens online free live streaming NFL Sunday Football game… Read More

Watch NY Jets vs Buffalo Bills Online

The New York Jets have alternated wins and losses through their schedule this season, but can snap the odd streak against a struggling Buffalo Bills team today. The Bills have unsurprisingly dropped eight of nine against the Jets and are big… Read More

Watch New Orleans Saints vs NY Jets Online

The New Orleans Saints have whipped their defense into shape to join an already potent and seasoned offense, both of which spell trouble for a New York Jets squad who got embarrassed and blown out last week on their schedule. Either the Saints… Read More

Watch Cincinnati Bengals vs Miami Dolphins

The Cincinnati Bengals have settled into a winning pattern while their opponent tonight in tonight’s Thursday Night Football game, the Miami Dolphins, have rolled over after starting hot and could really use a treat and not a trick… Read More

Watch NY Jets vs Cincinnati Bengals Game Online

The New York Jets and Cincinnati Bengals were the recipients of close wins last week. Both AFC teams are enjoying winning records heading into week 8 of the NFL schedule this Sunday, and one will stretch their winning streak today when we watch… Read More

Watch New England Patriots vs NY Jets Online

The New England Patriots have managed to overcome key injuries all season to put up a 5-1 record, while the New York Jets have jumped on the back of a rookie quarterback to reach a 3-3 start. These two teams have always played each other well, and… Read More