Where to Watch ‘Iron Sheik’ A&E Biography Online Free

How to Watch Iron Sheik A&E Biography Online Free

The final Season 3 episode of WWE Legends: Biography explores the life and career of Iron Sheik, full of many highs and lows. The one-time bodyguard for the Shah of Iran would ultimately become a polarizing figure in wrestling that fans either loved or loathed.

The Iron Sheik Biography episode will premiere Sunday, April 16th 2023 at 8/7c on the A&E cable TV channel. It will be immediately followed by the final new episode of WWE Rivals for this season.

Cord-cutters can watch the Iron Sheik WWE Legends A&E Special online free without cable by taking advantage of a Philo or Frndly live streaming service free trial offer.

Philo 7-Day Free Trial

The Philo streaming service includes A&E live programming along with on-demand of previously aired content from the over 70 channels in its lineup. There’s a 7-day free trial period for Philo that will let you take this fantastic streaming service for a spin.

Did you miss the Iron Sheik A&E Biography when it aired live? Don’t worry if you did as Philo keeps A&E programming ready and available to watch whenever you’re ready to watch them. Jump in with your Philo free trial, search for Iron Sheik by name in the Philo app and start streaming the A&E Iron Sheik documentary special immediately.

Other Philo features include an unlimited size DVR that stores recordings for up to 30 days, simultaneous streaming on up to three devices, and the ability to create up to 10 profiles per account.

Watch with Frndly TV

Looking for another option after using the Philo free trial? Frndly TV has over 20 fewer channels than Philo, but costs a lot less at $6.99 per month. Take advantage of a 7-day free trial period that can be used separately from Philo to watch WWE Legends: Biography and other shows and movies.

About WWE Legends Biography: Iron Sheik

The official synopsis for Biography: Iron Sheik reads, “The “Iron Sheik” is one of the most iconic villains in WWE history–but the arduous journey of the man, Hossein Khosrow Vaziri has never been told. This one-time bodyguard for the Shah of Iran, escaped his country in fear for his life. Without the ability to speak any English at all, he somehow transformed himself into one of the most hated and beloved characters of all time. As the “Iron Sheik” he represented the ultimate threat but Khosrow was living the American Dream along with his beautiful wife and daughters. But, despite the fame and fortune, struggles with addiction and family tragedy all played a part of his incredible story.

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