Breaking Bad Series Finale ‘Felina’ Six Q’s

Breaking Bad Series Finale 'Felina' Six Q'sSunday night saw the airing of the last ever Breaking Bad episode on AMC. The saga of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) came to a near-perfect conclusion as the Meth King of New Mexico came home for one last hurrah. I will try to be spoiler free, but if not, I will let you know well before hand.

1. What is it?
Episode 516, titled ‘Felina,’ which, among many other things, is an anagram of the word “finale.” The episode is 75 minutes long; 54 minutes without commercials.

2. Who’s in it?
Miraculously, all of Breaking Bad’s principal players–including Dean Norris’ Hank–make an appearance. Felina features Bryan Cranston as Walt, newly crowned Emmy-winner Anna Gunn as Skyler, Betsy Brandt as Marie, Aaron Paul as Jesse, Laura Fraser as Lydia, Jesse Plemons as Todd, Charles Baker as Skinny Pete, Matt Jones as Badger, Jessica Hecht as Gretchen Swartz, Adam Godley as Elliott Swartz, and Michael Bowen as Jack. RJ Mitte as Walt Jr., or Flynn White, is seen but has no lines.

3. Who made it?
‘Felina’ was fittingly written and directed by series creator Vince Gilligan.

4. What is it about? (possible spoilers)
Walter White, after a year hiding in the forest of New Hampshire, comes home to Albuquerque to settle scores and finish his business. Once home, Walt confronts his former friends and associates, Gretchen and Elliott (Hecht and Godley), his estranged wife Skyler (Gunn), and then sets into motion his master plan on those who wronged him and brought ruin on the Heisenberg Empire.

5. Any revelations, secrets, or Easter eggs? (possible spoilers)
Not so much. I will say that everything essentially wraps up, and the saga of Walter White comes to a very satisfying conclusion.

6. Will I watch next week?
I wish I could. Breaking Bad, for what it’s worth, will go down as one of the best TV dramas in history. It rarely stumbled in its storytelling and hit high marks way more than low marks. It was a series of incredible performances, memorable characters, and was a colorful–and sometimes violently brutal mosaic of a man pushed to do what had to be done for his family, who is then seduced by the power until it ruined him. While there will be no new episodes, a spin-off show based off of Bob Odenkirk’s skeevy lawyer character is in the works at AMC called, Better Call Saul. Also, the incredible Breaking Bad: The Complete Series Blu-ray set will be released right before the holidays with tons of extras and neat stuff like a Los Pollos Hermanos apron, among other things, and it comes in a barrel-shaped carrying case.

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