‘The LEGO Ninjago Movie’ CMF Figures and Sets: Breaking Them Down

Hot on the heels of LEGO’s Ninjago City reveal comes all 20 The LEGO Ninjago Movie CMF figures, otherwise known as Series 18.

The reveal was spread out over two days and includes all the core characters from the upcoming film. It also includes plenty of unique accessories and links to both The LEGO Batman Movie and The LEGO Movie.

Additionally, The LEGO Group also sent out a press release that verifies 15 The LEGO Ninjago Movie sets are coming this year. Per Yahoo!’s article yesterday that noted 18 sets are in development, an additional three sets could be coming in a second wave sometime in 2018.

First we’ll go through each of the 20 CMF figures, followed by the press release breakdown of all the sets with pricing, release dates and store availability.

Pajamas Garmadon

Or is it Pajamadon? The Volcano printing, likely a movie plot point, is awesome on this figure. It’s not to be outdone by the new shark soup-inspired bowl and spoon.

Master Wu

This Master Wu appears to have an exclusive head print. Otherwise his biggest selling point is the box of Corn Flakes with his animated short nemesis, the Chicken, on the label.

Spinjitzu Training Nya

Nya’s lone CMF inclusion puts her in training Gi outfit complete with Wu-Cru emblems on the front and back. This same outfit is worn by the other ninja and will be released in sets and by other means, such as activity books and polybags.

Lloyd Garmadon

This Lloyd figure should be highly sought after due to his hood with molded hair bang, silver spoon, and matching bowl to Pajamas Garmadon with an exclusive dragon print.

Sushi Chef

A perfect complimentary figure to the rooftop sushi restaurant in Ninjago City. He sports a great headband and dual-molded legs that customizers will be after in bunches.


This Misako figure — or is it Koko? — is much, much younger than her TV show counterpart. Her exclusive hair piece will be a big seller even if a nearly identical figure is present in the Ninjago City set.

Jay Walker

This Jay figure in civilian high school clothes is going to be a big hit. First, it’s Jay, the comedy relief and a fan favorite. Second, he’s sporting a new scarf piece. And third, the selfie stick is too darn cute.

Shark Army Great White

This Garmadon goon is a far cry from all the other fishy villains. He’s been toasted black with lava damage in yet another hint that a volcano plays into the film’s plot. His battery could also use a recharge.

Shark Army General #1

Yes, it’s a little odd that this villain has a pink slurpy cup. She’s got a great design and militaristic torso that should make her one of the more popular figure in the series.

Gong and Guitar Rocker

This is arguably the most bizarre figure in the entire series. Is this Steve Aoki in mini-figure form? Cole’s jam session buddy? Hopefully the movie will offer much-needed context.

N-POP Girl

The LEGO Movie’s Unikitty gets some love in the LEGO version of the K-POP phenomenon. This figure will have broad appear far beyond the Ninjago fandom.

Lloyd Garmadon #2

The second Lloyd figure is pretty weak but does offer a chance for kids to nab a ninja suit Lloyd without buying a set. He comes with blueprints for his Mech Dragon and a separate hair piece.

Garmadon #2

The most classic look for Garmadon in a CMF pack compliments Lloyd. What’s interesting here is his weapon that is reminiscent of the Mega weapon from the TV series, only it’s in Batman black rather than shiny gold.

Flashback Garmadon

The third Garmadon figure confirms at least one flashback during the movie. Apparently Garmadon has always had a fascination with volcanoes for whatever reason, and he had a day job as well.

Kendo Kai

The lone Kai CMF figure is also the lone Kendo training outfit in the set. If you recall, the ninja were originally released with Kendo training gear during the early days of Ninjago LEGO sets.

GPL Tech

The GPL Tech comes straight from Gotham Institute of Technology. An obvious nod to The LEGO Batman Movie, she’s sure to be popular for the parted labcoat with Batman t-shirt underneath.

Shark Army Angler

Army builder figures are always popular and this guy has an exclusive color for his angler fish head piece.


Laid back Cole in his civilian high school outfit is sporting an AC/DC t-shirt written in Ninjago script as well as an 80’s boom box. He’s one of the more unique figures in the series.


Not to be outdone is everyone’s favorite nindroid, Zane. This is the first time Zane has appeared in civilian clothes and they are remarkably similar to the outfit he wore during the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Season 3 premiere episode.

Shark Army Octopus

Last but not least is a second army builder figure for Garmadon to command. He’s even got a stud-shooter, the first time that one of these weapons has appeared in a CMF series.

Last but not least, here’s a breakdown of all The LEGO Ninjago Movie sets coming out between August 1st and December 1st.

Beginning August 1, the following will be available at your favorite place to shop for LEGO toys:

  • Spinjitzu Training Dojo – join ninja heroes at the dojo with this action-packed Spinjitzu training set, complete with Garmadon combat dummy. ($9.99)
  • NINJAGO City Chase – help Lloyd, Nya and Officer Toque build and race a police tuc-tuc vehicle past a street food stall and through lantern-draped lampposts to prevent a robbery. ($19.99)
  • Master Falls – team up with Master Wu and Kai to build and cross the jungle bridge with opening cage and explore a hidden cave in search of a secret map. ($29.99)
  • Manta Ray Bomber – help Cole save Shen-Li using the Manta Ray Bomber, complete with two spring-loaded shooters and a detachable boat. ($29.99)
  • Water Strider – battle the shark army and pretend to walk on water and climb walls with this poseable mech using the 360-degree rotating cockpit and rapid shooter. ($29.99)
  • Green Ninja Mech Dragon – outwit the Green Ninja’s evil father Garmadon with this mighty mech featuring articulated snapping jaws, poseable body, swooshing tail, leg-mounted stud shooters and hidden pop-out thrusters. ($49.99)
  • Lightning Jet – grab the handle of Jay’s jet to swoop down and unleash the spring-loaded shooter and trigger-activated rotating electro-disc to save Ed and Edna from the shark army’s crab, but beware of the crab’s snapping pincer and stud shooter! ($59.99)
  • Fire Mech – get set for a sizzling battle with this huge mech with shoulder disc shooters and non-shooting fire blasters. ($69.99)
  • Temple of Ultimate Trials – join a ninja mission to infiltrate the Temple of the Ultimate Weapon, but beware of all that stands between the ninja and the treasure chest, including a secret entrance, a trapdoor function, rock-dropping and dynamite-dropping functions, blade-shooting and chopping-sword traps, a dungeon, and a hanging cage. ($99.99)
  • Destiny’s Bounty – construct Master Wu’s huge training base in this highly detailed set featuring three modular levels and a double-headed dragon, wind-up-and-release anchors, training dojo, bathroom and Wu’s bedroom in the hull – not to mention many hidden secrets. ($159.99)

Fans can also find the following sets at select retailers beginning August 1:

  • Jelly Sub – join Jay in battle against the shark army and protect Takuma’s boat from flying Jelly Sub attacks. Sub features minifigure cockpit, rotating legs, flick-fire missiles and swinging tentacles. Available at Walmart stores nationwide. ($29.99)
  • Garma Mecha Man – help Lloyd protect civilian Pat from attack by Garma Mecha Man, featuring spring-loaded shark blaster, ammo belt and fish tank. Available at Target stores nationwide. ($59.99)
  • Ice Tank – help Zane save Patty Keys and Torben from the shark soldiers using this cool vehicle featuring big tracks, ice cannon with rapid shooter, and a rotating ice container. Available at Toys”R”Us stores nationwide. ($79.99)

Available September 1 exclusively at The LEGO Shop and LEGO Stores nationwide:

  • NINJAGO City – build the ultimate NINJAGO City with this impressively detailed three-level model featuring a traditional fish market, sewer outlet, house with dining room and bedroom, robot service station, taxi stand, sliding elevator, modern fashion store, construction site with bonsai tree, comic book stand, crab restaurant, ATM, radio tower, modern rooftop sushi bar with conveyor belt and Lloyd Garmadon and Koko’s apartment, plus 16 minifigures. ($299.99)

Available December 1

  • garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON! – fans help Lloyd save hotdog guy and braces girl from the Garmadon Shark Mech, which features two opening cockpits, snapping jaws, posable legs and feet and two spring-loaded shooters. Available exclusively at Toys”R”Us stores nationwide. ($79.99)

The LEGO Ninjago Movie CMF Figures

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