The Evolution of Aquaman and His Commercial Expansion

The latest film version of the superhero Aquaman represents a high point in the evolution of a character with more than half a century of history. Created by the artist Paul Norris, together with the writer Mort Weisinger, the cartoon was presented for the first time in 1941, in the middle of World War II.

Naturally, the first plots were quite related to the war and its villains, directly, were Nazis or sympathizers of fascism.

The most underrated superhero, so far

Since the 1950s, Aquaman has undergone great changes both in his personal history and in his super powers and weaknesses. Probably it is the character with the most extravagant qualities of the genre, which are intimately linked to its underwater environment.

Despite having superhuman strength, virtues such as their ability to breathe underwater, telepathy, control over currents and communication with marine organisms, these qualities were taken as a joke.

The situation worsened even more during the seventies, eighties and nineties, because in the different versions of the comic, television series and feature films, they added features that made him look weak.

Renewed appearance in the Extended Universe of DC Comics

All negative factors were eliminated in the armed arguments for Aquaman from the year 2000. With this, the perception of the general public about the character was changing, going from animosity and indifference towards admiration.

His first appearance in the movies of the extended universe of DC Comics was during the year 2016 in Batman vs Superman: The Origin of Justice, in a cameo-type shot of a scene where Wonder Woman is reviewing files on metahumans. That same year was also seen in a photo of the Suicide Squad.

Aquaman is an important character in the Justice League (2017). Finally, he headlined his own film released in late 2018. It is distinguished from the other feature films made by DC Comics due to the depth of its script and amazing special effects.

The story focuses on the life of Arthur Curry, from his coexistence in human society to become the protective hero of the seas and also of humanity.

The incorporation of Jason Momoa

Although the interpretation of the Hawaiian model and actor as Aquaman is relatively brief and recent, this character came “made to his measure” due to his imposing physique and other phenotypic features. As with Tony Stark and Robert Downey Jr., it’s hard to imagine another Aquaman other than Jason Momoa.

The role of the aquatic superhero represents a natural step in the growth of an artist who came to be known with his interpretation of Ronon Dex, in the military science fiction series Stargate Atlantis (2004-2009). He then achieved worldwide fame with the acclaimed HBO fantasy series, Game of Thrones in his role as Khal Drogo (2011-2012).

Visual effects on par with Disney and Marvel quality

The film Aquaman immerses the viewer in a very realistic way at the bottom of the sea. As the plot progresses it is easy to forget that it is about special effects and computer-generated images.

The quality of the fluid movements of the animals and the hair of the characters under water are particularly impressive. The detail was taken care of, frame-by-frame, to show in its entire splendor the underwater life and its ecosystems.

In addition, the excellent proposal of visual entertainment is complemented by the complexity of the story. The present emotions cause the spectator to devote his total attention to the events shown on the screen.

The final product is a first level movie where the multi-million dollar budget is nothing compared to the huge commercial opportunities generated.

Aquaman and its scope in the different interactive platforms

The Aquaman brand has successfully invaded different areas of the market, among which we can mention the videogame industry, both for Xbox and PlayStation, and for PC.

Likewise, the brand has ventured into the development of toys, shorts and animated series, clothing franchises, accessories, and even software development specialized in the famous slot machines. Here you can see a list of all casino software developers  who are responsible for these adaptations.

In you can see many sites to get the other adaptations that have been made from other movies to virtual slots, having great reach on the web. Certainly, Aquaman has been quite a marketing boom translated into hundreds of millions of dollars in additional revenue at the box office.

A great commercial product that includes a fantastic message

The best merit of the film Aquaman – in the opinion of who writes this – is to have obtained a feature film with very high profitability from the commercial point of view, very entertaining and with excellent reviews of the criticism, mainly due to its very clear environmentalist message.

One of the great dilemmas that Arthur Curry must solve is whether he continues to protect humanity even at the cost of winning enemies within the underwater kingdom.

The Atlanteans perceive the human race as a serious threat to their survival as a species caused by pollution of the seas and global warming. In the end, thanks to Aquaman, the harmony between man and the seas is achieved.

The conservationist information is shown in a very well supported way; without altering the script, which is also important. The message achieved is very strong, contributes to the awareness and familiarization of the audience with ecology issues that are very relevant at present, especially with the youth.

Is Aquaman the best movie made by DC Comics?

Art has always been a very effective means of protest, the transmission of ideas and the appearance of very relevant cultural icons. In the case of Hollywood, surely the success of Aquaman will be exploited in its greatest possible expression to turn it into a saga of several deliveries.

Hopefully the story can be extended without sacrificing the excellent image quality and the vast depth of the script.

Probably, the live-action Aquaman movie is the best film made by DC Comics to date. In this case, the opinions of preference are subjective, but nobody can objectively deny the integral approach of his story.

Not only was thought of creating a great movie that has generated mountains of money, it was also considered to send a message that contributes to a better world.

Evolution of Aquaman

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