Sci-Fi Interiors: Inspiration That’s Out of This World!

Sci-Fi Interiors

“Maaarvellous, darling… it’s just out of this world!” If this isn’t how your guests respond when they step into your home and survey the décor then you’re obviously not decorating in the style of your favourite Sci-Fi flicks. That’s fair enough because futuristic interiors that look like they belong on a space station aren’t to everyone’s taste. They’ve definitely got something going for them though, and we’re here today to push their cause.

Let’s start with the 2009 film, Moon. Directed by Duncan Jones, son of David Bowie, this one is on the “thinkier” side of Sci-Fi as it follows an isolated worker on a moon station as he makes some curious discoveries about his life (we’ll say no more to avoid spoiling anything if you’ve yet to see it). The moon station is a prime example of that classic spacey design: it’s clean, clinical and highly utilitarian, but also rather slick. White is in abundance here with only touches of grey to accentuate the geometric character of the interiors. You’ll catch the odd octagonal corridor, a very striking way to connect A to B that adds drama to a simple walkway; but otherwise it’s an open-plan dream with only some interestingly shaped divisions to demarcate different zones: eating, exercising, working etc.

You’ll also find a pod style living area with an inset bed which creates a sense of removal and privacy whilst at the same time working with that overarching open plan design. It’s essentially a development of the classic Sci-Fi bunk bed, no doubt originally modeled on a submarine – the most demanding living space imaginable in terms of combining limited space with full functionality. In fact functional, cheap bunk beds in an elegant design are one of the most transferable features of any Sci-Fi interior, all too often dismissed by traditionalists. If you’re still feeling dubious about all this by the way, then see how these sorts of elements can be incorporated into an everyday home in a beautiful way in this impressive residence in Singapore.

Turning the clock back a little way you’ll find an absolute treasure trove of Sci-Fi inspiration. The ‘60s were of course the era of Star Trek et al. when space was new and exciting. Streamlining was everywhere, from cars to TVs and haircuts. And if you’re really not too fussed by the colors and shapes of the famous bridge of The Voyager, then what about jumping on to the ‘70s?

Logan’s Run epitomises ’70s Sci-Fi style with its palatial spaces and allusions to classical Greece and Rome. There are some of those scary ‘70s pastels creeping through but also a lot of bling and again geometric themes.

And if this isn’t quite your thing either then what about the dystopian vibes of the original Blade Runner? This iconic film really represents that ‘80s conception of the future so well as you’ve got a nice helping of urban grit combined with buildings that are reminiscent of the pyramids with that paradoxical combination of monumentality and elegance.

Look, the point of this whistle-stop tour isn’t really to convince you to turn your house into a spaceship but rather to open your eyes to the appeal of these various interiors and encourage an appreciation of all things Sci-Fi. …If we can say we’ve done that, then we can return to our bunks in a happy frame of mind!

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