LEGO Ninjago ShuriCopter Review: An Icy Weapon

LEGO Ninjago ShuriCopter Review

It’s not often Zane gets a dedicated airborne ride in the LEGO Ninjago toy line and television series that isn’t a massive dragon. In fact, the first and previously last time was way back in Season 3 with the NinjaCopter.

For Season 11 in 2019, Zane takes to the air again in the ShuriCopter, a spiritual successor to the NinjaCopter. Whereas the latter more resembled a futuristic hovering vehicle in line with that season’s Sci-Fi theme, the ShuriCopter takes a step back with a more traditional helicopter presentation.

The ShuriCopter Vehicle

As much as the ShuriCopter is a vehicle to take flight, it’s also an impressive weapon with multiple interactive features.

The first feature is a large cone under the main rear fuselage that turns the main propeller when spun. It’s a little trickier to use than a trigger, especially for those with larger hands, but still gets the job done.

A pair of large light blue shuriken blades protruding out from either side of the ShuriCopter is the other prominent feature befitting the vehicle’s name. They’re imposing and add a Ninjago-esque feel to the ShuriCopter that otherwise resembles a sleek white helicopter.

Underneath each shuriken blade is a small rubber wheel that turns the blade when the copter is rolled along the ground. Normally there’s little need to roll a helicopter, but in this case rolling makes each blade spin and turns the ShuriCopter into a weed-wacker capable of mowing down scores of fire or ice enemies.

Ninjago ShuriCopter

Next to each shuriken are a pair of standard LEGO gatling guns that fire light blue translucent round bricks. Normally this weapon is a primary vehicle feature. Here it blends in and is overshadowed by the shuriken.

The ShuriCopter Figures

The ShuriCopter includes three figures: Zane, Forbidden Spinjitzu Jay, and General Vex.

This version of Zane is one of my favorites with the light blue accents against his white robes and silver highlights. The contrast is fantastic and matches the ShuriCopter’s color scheme.

Jay is a bit of a mixed bag. As the Forbidden Spinjitzu version he’s got the “fire” hair and comes with a Spinjitzu tornado piece molded in blue and green. The blue is nice, but the green in Jay’s hair and Spinjitzu piece screams Lloyd — not Jay — and looks out of place from a design perspective.

ShuriCopther Mini-Figures

The third and final figure, General Vex, is part of the Never-Realm ice army and is adorned with the cool translucent blue ice highlights seen on all the Ice Army figures. He also comes with a Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu on a spear.

General Vex has a name and rank so we assume he’s important. Since the Ice Chapter of Season 11 has yet to air on Cartoon Network it’s impossible to get attached to this guy without knowing anything about him or his personality.

The inclusion of General Vex as the villain figure suggests the ShuriCopter will at least appear in the Ice Chapter in the Never-Realm. It already got action in the Fire Chapter against Aspheera so from a display and play perspective all of bases are covered.

There’s no shortage of vehicles in the LEGO Ninjago line so it’s not uncommon to be picky. The inclusion of the spinning shuriken gimmicks on the ShuriCopter, plus an aesthetically pleasing design and solid mini-figures, make this a set worth picking up.

The LEGO Ninjago ShuriCopter is currently available to purchase at the official LEGO Shop website.

The LEGO Ninjago ShuriCopter was provided to us by The LEGO Group for the purposes of this review.

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