When Import Blu-ray Rocks: This is Spinal Tap Marshall Amp Edition

Here in the United States we are fed our Blu-ray Disc sets as plainly as possible except around the holidays. Elsewhere in the world lavish and extravagant alternative packaging is enjoyed year-round.

One upcoming import Blu-ray set brought to our attention by resident forum import sage DCSholtis is for This is Spinal Tap. In the States, This is Spinal Tap on Blu-ray is a straightforward two-disc special edition set. In the United Kingdom it is much, much more.

The This is Spinal Tap “Limited Marshall Amp Edition” comes packaged in a miniature Marshall Amp described as “going up to 11” which tells me the thing actually works. The outer packaging also resembles an amp, while the interior includes five total discs with the original soundtrack and over five-hours of bonus features.

Have a gander at this incredible set below or import it to the States over at Amazon’s UK site when it is released on September 7.

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