Watch The Walking Dead Season 4 Online Episode 411

AMC’s The Walking Dead continues to follow multiple groups of survivors from the prison since the midseason premiere and last week brought a pair of cliffhangers to a close. A trio of new faces will get some screen time and Rick will be in a precarious position when we watch The Walking Dead episode 411 ‘Claimed’ on AMC or online streaming after it airs tonight. It’s the next best thing to watching The Walking Dead online free live streaming, though be warned that spoilers from last week’s episodes are plentiful below. Update: The episode is now available to stream online at the official AMC website.

With Rick, Carl and Michonne now reunited and hanging out in suburbia, the focus of last week’s episode shifted toward the other prison survivors. We already knew that Lizzie and Mika were under the watch of Tyreese, but what we didn’t know and were shocked to see was that Tyreese had scooped Judith out of her carrier and was caring for all three of the girls while traversing the deadly woods.

Tyreese gets in a little over his head when leaving the girls to fend for themselves momentarily while he chases down some screams to find a walker attack in its latter stages. Meanwhile a crying Judith attracts walkers to the girls, and Lizzie has a little too much fun covering up Judith’s mouth to keep her quiet. The girls need help, which comes from an unlikely source.

As Tyreese is wrapping up the walkers, the girls appear along with Carol, back from her banishment by Rick. Carol doesn’t know that Tyreese doesn’t know that she killed Karen. Tyreese instead is thrilled to see Carol again and finally he has some help to care for Judith. We knew Carol would end up caring for Judith or Carl since Rick told her he would never trust her alone with his kids before sending her on her way.

Elsewhere the woods, Maggie is grieving over the prospect of having Glenn lost, while Sasha and Bob plan the group’s next move. Maggie isn’t interesting in moving forward; she wants to return to the prison and track down the bus and her fiancee. Bob and Sasha are forced to follow her and they end up finding the bus full of zombies, but there’s no sign of Glenn to be found.

Glenn wakes up in the prison after having left the bus just before it left the prison. He digs out his body armor and makes a mad dash through the walkers toward the exit, only to see Tara trapped and having given up in a small fenced in area. Glenn returns to save her because he needs her, and sure enough they battle walkers just outside the prison. After the fight three new characters show up: Abraham, Dr. Eugene Porter, and Rosalina, having witnessed the fight but deliberately not intervening.

Moving forward into tonight, Carl and Michonne head off on a mission while Rick stays back at the safe house and continues to recover. We should learn more about Abraham and his group, including the mission they are on and how Glenn and Tara will integrate with them.

Tonight’s The Walking Dead: Season 4 Episode 411 ‘Claimed’ has a start time of 9/8c and will be televised exclusively on the cable channel AMC. Thankfully for those without AMC, they offer free online streaming versions of each The Walking Dead episode early the next morning after they premiere on TV at the official AMC website for a limited time. These episodes can be viewed on mobile devices like phones, iPads, tablets and computers. It’s the next best thing to watching The Walking Dead online free live streaming, even if some of the language and gore is censored.

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