Watch The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 404

AMC’s The Walking Dead has amped up the zombie population thus far in Season 4 with last week’s episode ‘Isolation’ pouring a massive hoard onto Daryl Dixon and his cornered unofficial special ops team. The supply run for live-saving antibiotics is still very much a go despite the zombie road bump, and we’ll get to see much more of it in tonight’s all-new The Walking Dead episode ‘Indifference.’ There is no official online free live streaming version of tonight’s The Walking Dead episode 404 to watch online, but live stream options valid once the episode completes airing including watching it free at AMC’s website are presented via the links below. Beware of massive spoilers for any previously aired episode beyond this point.

Tyreese became a man on a mission last week, confronting Rick and essentially bullying him into using his law enforcement background to figure out who murdered Karen and David in cold blood, dragged their bodies down a hall and outside, and then lit them on fire. Rick followed his hunches and a clue on the door leading outside, and it lead him to the surprise twist ending that few saw coming before the episode began.

It turns out Karen was the one who tried to cut off the illness infection before it could spread by eliminating the first two people diagnosed while they were still alive. Her efforts didn’t work and created a rage monster in Tyreese, but her heart was in the right place. She did whatever she had to in order to protect the group. It was the type of decision that Rick had become accustomed to making over the past couple seasons, and perhaps a reminder of what he must do moving forward.

With sister Sasha joining the ranks of the ill, Tyreese joined up with Daryl, Michonne and Bob Stookey on a 50-mile supply run to a veterinary college that might have the antibiotics required to stop the illness from killing everyone infected. When the car gets surrounded by zombies about a mile out from the school, Tyreese initially doesn’t make a run for it, instead content to give up and throw in the towel on life.

In a moment of clarity, perhaps realizing Sasha is counting on him, Tyreese comes out swinging with his axe and somehow battles through a massive zombie herd by himself. It was an impressive feat that shows Tyreese’s strength and what he can bring to the group. Even though they’re now on foot, Daryl must lead his team into the college, get the meds, and find a ride to get back to the prison before too much time goes by. Good luck.

Back at the prison, Hershel decides he needs to step up and help the sick quarantined in cell block A after the other doctor joins the ill ranks. He goes out in the wood with an armed Carl, gets elderberry to fight the sick symptoms, and basically sacrifices his health and potentially his life to enter the cell block while Maggie gives up trying to stop him. It seems like this is Hershel’s final move that perfectly fits his character, though many would rather see him survive.

‘Indifference’ marks the fourth episode of The Walking Dead: Season 4. If you recall, the same episode last season was “killer” with T-Dog and Lori biting the dust. I doubt showrunner Scott Gimple will follow that pattern, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a major revelation or twist such as new characters popping up or even a first hint at where the Governor might be at.

Tonight’s The Walking Dead: Season 4 new episode 404 ‘Indifference’ premieres tonight on TV on AMC at 9/8c in high definition (HD). AMC offers free online streaming versions of The Walking Dead episodes several days after they air at the official AMC website for a limited time that can be viewed on a computer, mobile phone, tablet/iPad or any Internet enabled and connected device here. It’s the next best thing to watching free and live. You can also choose to purchase standard or high definition versions of each newly aired episode very early the following morning after they air from here exclusively at It will set you back $2 to stream standard episodes and a buck more at $3 for full high definition (HD) versions. Additionally, every episode of The Walking Dead is ready to watching online streaming there as well.

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